Real Estate Valuation Process

With the exception of the Current Agricultural Use Valuation (CAUV) program, all real property in Ohio is to be valued at its estimated fair market value or the price that it would be expected to bring in an arms length sale.

In addition to the Revaluation and Triennial Update duties, the Erie County Auditor's Office administers the collection of new construction data and the processing of valuation complaints.

New Construction duties include:

  • Review of building permits issues
  • Review of parcel land splits and boundary surveys accepted by the Tax Map Department
  • Inspection of new construction
  • Valuation of new construction
  • Valuation of new land configurations (splits, plats, etc.)
  • Maintaining real property characteristics


Board of Revision / Appraisal duties include:

  • Review of appeals filed with the Board of Revisions
  • Inspection of properties
  • Examination of area sales and other necessary data
  • Report findings to the Board of Revision, where final value determination is made