Efiling for Property Transfers

eRecording has started in Erie County!

What is eRecording?

Electronic Document Recording is a method of delivering and returning documents electronically from a submitter’s office to the recorder. eRecording can be an option for Title Companies, Law Firms, Banks, and other business that record documents on a regular basis today. The actual recording of the document is still done by the Recorder in their software system. Recorded documents are returned electronically.

Benefits of eRecording:

  • Helps to reduce the time from submission to return of documents, from 3-5 days to within minutes or hours of the initial submission
  • Save time, money and resources normally spent on document packaging, delivery & return
  • Reduce rejections and document & payment errors.
  • No cutting and processing checks. Payment of recording & eRecording fee is handled electronically.
  • Enhance document tracking & security
  • Helps with industry best practice compliance.

We currently have three eRecording vendors that offer these services that can be used in submitting the documents electronically.

If you have questions about eRecording, please contact the Erie County Recorder’s Office 419-627-7686.