2021 GFOA Award

The Government Finance Officers Association has awarded the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting to Erie County  for the Annual Comprehensive Financial report for fiscal year 2021.  They have also awarded Erie County with the Outstanding Achievement in Popular Annual Financial Reporting for fiscal year 2021.  


The Erie County Auditor, Rick Jeffrey, along with his staff, compiles data annually from his office and from the accounting staff in all county departments that is audited and entered into this report.  This report is a thorough and detailed presentation of the county’s financial condition.  The ACFR (Annual Comprehensive Financial Report) is submitted yearly to the GFOA (Government Finance Officers Association) for the Award of Excellence as is the PAFR (Popular Annual Financial Report).  The PAFR presents the county’s ACFR data, financial position, accomplishments and activities in an easy to read format for our citizens. These reports are available for review on the Auditor’s website www.erie.iviewauditor.com under the financial tab.

Click here to see the Certificate of Achievement.

Click here to see the PAFR Award.